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“Children cannot be what they cannot see.” Driven by this philosophy, Emily Kilgore has spent her seventeen-year teaching career in the pursuit of inspiring young people by creating hands-on experiences-based classrooms that are deeply rooted in partnerships with businesses in the region, mentorships, student-created companies and sustainable work-based learning experience.  Currently, Kilgore is teaching EntrepreNew Pathways, a program she to create in CTE.  Kilgore is also the Co-Founder of StartUp TradeUp, a company on a mission to bridge the gap between the CTE classroom and the real world by building meaningful, sustainable relationships between the business community, educators, and students. 

Developing A New to Entrepreneurship Education 

EntrepreNew is a high school program uniquely designed for young people to access entrepreneurship as a viable and meaningful path after high school, regardless of their industry or career choice.  The program empowers young people to take their creativity, ideas, and skills and turn them into a successful, repeatable reality.  Thus, propelling them into the future workforce where it is expected that by 2027 more than half of the US workforce will be considered freelance. 

Kilgore created the program in collaboration with more than 100 entrepreneurial partners and support organizations around three unique pillars:   1. Extreme Exposure to Entrepreneurs  2. Mentorship  3. Intense experiences on the 15 Global Power skills needed to build the entrepreneurial mindset.  Later this year, the EntrepreNew curriculum will be fully available and free for other educators to access for their own students, nationwide. 

Bridging the Gap Between the CTE Classroom and the Real World

Kilgore, is also the co-founder of StartUp-TradeUp, which serves to provide training, support, resources, and inspiration for teachers looking to incorporate entrepreneurship or elevate Work-Based Learning experiences in their classrooms. StartUp TradeUp offers 4 programs - called the E Series - developed specifically to elevate CTE Work-based learning experiences based on Kilgore’s own experiences in the CTE Classroom.   “Work-based learning is central to CTE but as Perkins V created new opportunities for WBL expansion, it also created more opportunities for WBL to be streamlined and elevated.”  Our programs are developed to give the CTE instructor everything they need to elevate their WBL programs, including onboarding for industry partners and complete tools for students.  

In January of 2022, Kilgore was selected as one of 50 recipients of Walt Disney World Resort's 50th-anniversary celebration to recognize exceptional teachers who are passionate about using the tool of imagination in their classroom.  In May of 2022, Kilgore represented the Woodridge Local Schools as she attended a 4-day workshop learning some vital strategies to deepen the use of creativity in the program from Disney leaders.   Kilgore was named Summit County, Ohio Teacher of the Year in October 2022.   Kilgore is a graduate of 1999 Cuyahoga Falls High School, attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from The University of Akron in 2003 and a Master’s Degree in Career and Technical Administration from Kent State University in 2011.