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Kim Linton

Lancaster County Adult Education
Dr. Kim Linton is a graduate of Winthrop College (1992), Winthrop University (1995) and Nova 
Southeastern University (2010). She earned a 
Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science 
Degree, both in Business Education before earning her Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision. Dr. Linton worked in Chesterfield 
County and Florence County prior to accepting a 
position in Lancaster County. During her 34 years in education, she has served as a teacher, assistant principal and principal in the elementary, middle and high school settings as well as Career Center Administrator. She has also served as an 
Adjunct Instructor and Director during her 
educational career. She currently serves as the 
Director of Adult Education, Alternative Education and The Virtual Academy in Lancaster County where she supervises and manages all aspects of the 
programs including the fiscal resources and 
operations of an online testing center while 
establishing cooperative partnerships with local 
business and industry, Lancaster Career Center and college campuses where students are set up to gain career specific training. As Director of Adult Education she has earned numerous awards including Top 10 in the state for High School Diplomas, ACT Work Ready Community Award (Chairperson), Palmetto Trend Setters Award and Palmetto Performance Honorable Mention. Dr. Linton has a passion for ensuring students have the means to an education which helps set them up for a more productive future.